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Live online tech support for your PC.  Diagnose and solve computer problems live online with LiveTechOnline.COM. Computer tech support right in front of your eyes.

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Computer Problems Now Magically Fix Themselves

Andre Renault, June 28th 2007

All of us have experienced that dreadful moment when our computer has a meltdown. Finding help is never anyone’s idea of fun.  Choosing a reliable experienced technical firm, or getting a hold of your friends “computer guy” always proves time consuming and frustrating.  Explaining your problem over the phone to someone who may or may not understand has always been the most painful part.  Once you have found help and are waiting for a fix, you find your computer or peripherals must be shipped out for service, or brought in to your local service center for repair.  This could take days, or even weeks.  In some cases users receive their computers which were “repaired” only to find that all their data has been erased since many service places often perform what’s known as a system restore. 

Thanks to the internet, new remote screen sharing technologies, and the experience of industry renown technicians, Live Tech Online and other remote service providers can remove spyware, recover lost data, setup printers and other pc gadgets all without even laying eyes on the customers computer.  Screen sharing technology lets a technician view your problem first hand right away through the internet.  This saves time and money.  Consumers don’t pay for fancy uniforms, company branded cars, or even workspace.  Technicians work from home, providing support right away, without ever stepping foot on site.   “Our service gives the customer the feeling that a technician is right there beside them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Vince Greco, chief executive at Live Tech Online.

Consumer Reports conducted a survey of more than 23,000 PC users, and found that manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and IBM solved a measly 59 percent of problems.  Free support services succeeded only 53 percent of the time.  By contrast independent tech support services where customers bring in their computer, like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and your local computer service centre solved 84 percent of problems with windows based PCs.  Third parties offering online remote support and on-site support like Tech on Call, Nerds on Site and Live Tech Online solved 93 percent of users’ problems.  These companies also had more knowledgeable staff, and quicker responsiveness than computer manufacturers.  The bottom line is that although you may have bought a computer from a tier 1 manufacturer, you cannot rely on them for support.  When you need help, you want it fast, and you want your problem solved.  “Consumers don’t completely understand the concept of remote support. Neither do they understand that just because they have a Dell computer, that doesn’t mean Dell will fix all their problems for them,” said Arif Hudda, chief executive at Live Tech Online.  The problem is that most vendors only support preinstalled software, and hardware which is covered by original warranty.  Anything outside of that, like viruses, software conflicts, or even conflicts with peripherals which you bought after choosing your computer, leave consumers helpless. 

The solution is an online remote tech support service from an experienced technician.  You can always visit your closest repair shop, but save time unplugging wires, then explaining your problem only to find later when you pickup your computer that the technician didn’t understand your needs to fix it adequately. Remote tech support, otherwise known as screen sharing technology, allows you to let a technician see your problem first hand.  No miscommunication and the best part about it is that you get help right away – when you need it most. 

About Live Tech Online

Live Tech Online is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, and is on the forefront of providing premium online computer help for home and offices.  The company harnesses the power of the internet and screen sharing technology, with an easy to use online delivery method, to offer the easiest and most cost effective technical support services.  Live Tech Online’s services are available through their website located at http://www.livetechonline.com or by calling 1-866-LIVE-FIX (548-3349).




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Fix computer problems live online one-to-one using screen sharing technology, provided by Live Tech Online. We fix your computer problems while you watch. Remove viruses, spyware, general maintenance and other computer problems.