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Computer tech support for your PC live online. Diagnose and solve computer problems with Live Tech Online. Computer tech support right in front of your eyes.

Getting your computer tech support online is easy—you’ve already completed the first step by visiting this website.  Just click on the “Sign Up” link in the top right hand corner of the page or pick up the phone and call us at 1 (866) LIVE-FIX.  Speak to a real live technician about your computer problem and get a diagnosis.  This service is absolutely FREE with no commitments or strings attached.

At this point it should be established whether or not our computer tech support can help fix your computer problem with phone tech support or using our specialized screen sharing software.  Our live technician will suggest how long it will take to fix your computer problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most problems can be fixed in under an hour, in fact some problems may take as little as 5 minutes to solve!  We recommend you purchase at least 60 minutes of time.  Unused time can be saved for a later date for even the smallest problems.

Once your account is setup with us and you have chosen a service package, you are ready for us to help you! Through our website a technician can connect to your computer, then you grant them access to view your screen and take control of your keyboard and mouse.  Sit back, watch and learn as technician fix your problem for you right in front of your eyes!  Its a great learning experience, its simple and fast.  Phone support can be cumbersome and tedious, but with screen sharing technology from Live Tech Online we fix your problem for you!




HONEST: Honesty is and always has been the best policy.  Our technicians' priority is to provide you with computer tech support and fix your computer fast and efficiently; While ensuring customer satisfaction. We want to provide computer tech support to as many customers as possible quickly because we know your minutes are valuable.  LiveTechOnline.com will never use gimmicks or stall tactics to consume your minutes unnecessarily. 



All of our technicians who provide computer tech support are designated and highly qualified. Qualifications include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, CCNA Cisco Certified, and more. Technicians at Live Tech Online undergo constant training so they can continue to improve their expertise for providing you with experienced computer help and technical service.



Live Tech Online understands the customers need for value.  We believe that getting computer tech support should be affordable for everyone.  Whether your problem is big or small you will find exceptional value with our per minute based billing.  If your computer problem takes only 10 minutes to fix, then we deduct only 10 minutes from your account.  We do not believe in a minimum charge policy.  Our customers should not hesitate to seek our help for even the smallest of problems.



When Live Tech Online provides you with computer tech support, we provide you service in the comfort of your own home. We enable you to maintain your privacy and still get that personal one to one service without letting a stranger in your home. Unplugging wires and driving to the service center to fix your computer will become a thing of the past once you sign up for our computer tech support plans.  Live Tech Online makes fixing your computer easy.



Computer Tech Support

Computer tech support for your PC live online. Diagnose and solve computer problems with Live Tech Online. Computer tech support right in from of your eyes.