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Live online tech support for your PC.  Diagnose and solve computer problems remotely live online with LiveTechOnline.com. Online tech support right in front of your eyes.


"This is the best service provided on the internet! Your tech was not like any other technical support person I have ever dealt with - Arif was GREAT!"
        - Walter F. from Miami, FL

Livetechonline.com uses specialized remote desktop software and the Internet to provide secure online remote tech support for our members. With screen sharing technology, we diagnose and fix your computer remotely, without stepping foot on site in your home or office.  Using our live online tech support, you just sit back and relax, our technicians will solve just about any type of computer problem you may have. Membership is free, just visit our registration page.

Online Remote Computer Back up Service
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Click the link below to learn how computer problems can be solved remotely and how PC maintenance is performed using online tech support.

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Remote Online Computer Back up Service
Forgot to make a computer back up? What would you do if your computer crashed and you lost everything?

Get help fast and maintain your privacy. Once you discover how quick, easy and affordable it is to use livetechonline.com for live online technical support, you will wish you had taken advantage of our services earlier. You will never have to deal with the inconvenience of bringing your computer to a store for repairs or service again. No more waiting for the store to call you back ages later when it's finally finished. At Livetechonline.com we strive to be the fastest and easiest way to fix your computer using live online tech support.

Live Tech Online believes it’s important that you have the opportunity to learn about your PC in the process. Because we fix your problem using remote technical support service while you watch, you can make the most of this one-on-one online tech support by learning how to remove viruses, remove spyware,  speed up your computer, general maintenance, and solve all types of  computer problems.

You don't have to schedule an appointment: We will fix the problem using remote online tech support according to your schedule, not ours!



Live Online Tech Support

Live online tech support for your PC. Diagnose and solve computer problems live online with LiveTechOnline.COM. Computer tech support right in front of your eyes.