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Make Your Transition Simple and Easy with PC Remote Support!

Using our PC remote support you can test your system prior to installing Vista to avoid unnecessary crashes and system slow downs! Be sure your PC is Vista Ready now!

Forgot to make a computer backup?
What would you do if your PC crashed and you lost everything?
Setup an automatic Remote Online Computer Backup today!

$48.99 CAD

$89.99 CAD

$119.99 CAD

$144.99 CAD
(Less than $1.21/min)


Minor Issues

  • Miscellaneous PC remote support issues.
  • Call in and speak to a technician - he/she may offer this flat rate help.

$39.99 CAD

PC Maintenance

  • Update operating system and other software using PC remote support
  • Reset all internet settings to recommended default
  • Remove unnecessary programs running in background
  • Delete unwanted files to free up space
  • Scan for damaged or corrupt files
  • Defragment your hard drive

$79.99 CAD

Gadget Help

  • Setup and learn to use your new toy (mp3 players, digital cameras, printers, scanners, etc...)
  • Install and configure applications on your computer using PC remote support
  • Wireless network setup help.
  • Most Gadget Help last approximately 30 minutes. Help beyond 45 minutes may require additional fees.

$79.99 CAD


Virus Cleaning Service

  • Scan entire system for known viruses with PC remote support
  • Inform user on ways to minimize risk of further infections
  • Repair, clean and/or remove infected files
  • Ensure computer is protected from further infections

$99.99 CAD


Anti Spyware Service

  • Scan for spyware and adware live with PC remote support
  • Check background program for spyware and adware
  • Remove and/or disable background spyware
  • Reset all internet settings to recommended default
  • Inform user how to avoid further infections

$99.99 CAD



PC Remote Support

Remote support for your PC from Live Tech Online. PC remote computer support including Dell remote tech support. Immediate, remote technical support solution on demand.